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“Field Day” in my front yard…

Posted by ab39 on September 5, 2007

It was Monday, Labor Day, and I was enjoying my time at home.  When your a mom, wife, and full time employee…it sure is nice when to have a long weekend to just be at home and catch up!  Soo, I was “catching up”!  Bobby had taken Olivia out to the grocery store and I was in my room ironing laundry and watching a movie.  I went walking thru the living room and realized that I heard music….loud music!  As I walked to the front door I not only heard loud music, but lots of talk and laughter.  I slowly opened the door to see what was going on in our neighborhood and to my surprise, the noise was in my front yard…not my whole neighborhood!  There stood Abby and Leanna putting on a Field Day for all the kids in our subdivision.  They had signs posted at the end of our driveway that said, “Kingdom Ridge 1st Field Day”.  There were probably 15 kids in our small front yard and they were all having a great time!  Abby and Leanna had set stations in all four corners of our yard and driveway.  They had a jump roping section, a long-jump section, a walk while balancing books on your head section, a karaoke section and a bucket full of water so that they could dunk for eggs.  (they were creative…instead of putting apples in a big bucket full of water, they used their plastic easter eggs.)  I couldnt help but laugh when I saw all of this. 

They were being very creative, very loud and having lots of fun!  Their Field Day lasted for several hours and ended with them all playing in the water hose!  Abby and Leanna came in soaking wet and tired, but with big smiles on their faces. 

So marks the beginning of Field Day with Abby and Leanna!  May there be many more to come 🙂 

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