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Posted by ab39 on September 18, 2007

Since Olivia is in the highschool marching band, we have been going to all the football games – home and away!  And let me tell you…I have decided that there really is nothing quite like it!  We have gone to several games in the past couple of years, but this year it seems to be different.  Maybe it is because we have an invested interest now with our daughter playing in the band during halftime. Also, one of our dear friends is a coach on the team.  Cindy, his wife (who I adore), sits with us at games and her enthusiasm definetly rubs off on you. 

The whole atmosphere of a highschool football game is somewhat new to me.  I love the way the football players cheer each other on and support each other.  I love the way they all get down on one knee when someone gets hurt on the field and the they become silent in support of the hurt player.  I love the way they all raise their hands with the number 4 when the third quarter ends. I love the way the band does not quit playing when the game ends until every player and coach is off the field. I love watching the band play all their “spirit” songs and truly enjoy what they are doing, but what I love the most is whether we win or loose, the whole team gathers under the field posts, bow down on one knee and the coach tells them what an awesome bunch of guyes they are and what a great game they played! 

So, I am officially a fan of highschool football! GO BLACKMAN BLAZE!!! 

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