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Noise, Noise, NOISE

Posted by ab39 on October 16, 2007

The t.v.’s on in two different rooms. Music is playing in Leanna’s bedroom.  Abby is upstairs on the playstation, and it of course is noisy.  Both the washer and dryer are running.  The air conditioner is blowing.  The dishwasher is washing.  Bobby is in the garage working with his nail gun and saw table….the generator turning on and off in the background. We all even sleep with a fan on at night…not for the air circulation….but for the noise. 

Bobby and I were talking about how noisey we are.  He said he thought it was called white noise.  White Noise…what a strange term….They even have machines out that are called white noise machines that play different sounds….birds chirping, waves crashing, rain with thunder, etc. 

Although white noise carries benefits, I think that I have allowed it to drown out other things in my life.  I can, at all times, let the busyness of my life become like white noise.  My to do list gets longer and longer each day.  Emails at work demand my attention.  Friends ask for favors.  My church needs volunteers.  My children are in need…always!  My house needs cleaning.  The laundry needs to be put away.  And all my body wants to do is take a long nap!  All of this becomes white noise to my soul.  It causes me to become hard of hearing….to just about everything around me. 

Last night, I was trying to watch the news, fold the laundry and help Leanna with homework all at the same time!  I heard Leanna talking to me…but I had pretty much tuned her out.  All of a sudden I realized that she was saying, “Mom, mom, mom, mom, ….. APRIL!”  I looked at her and she said, “Will you please just listen to me?”  I felt bad.  What she had to say what was not earth shaking, but it was important to her and I was not listening….too much white noise on in the background….I had tuned it all out. 

Soo, for today I challenge you, along with myself, to try and have a quiet day.  Of course there is noise all around us and there always will be.  But, take time to listen….really listen to those who love you and that you love!  Take time to talk to God….who loves us more than we could ever imagine.  Take time to listen to what He might be saying to us.  Take time to eliminate some of the white noise of busyness in your life (and in mine) and spend time with your family!…..I know I will!  )

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