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Cheer Clinic

Posted by ab39 on October 18, 2007

Ra, Sis, Boom BAH!!!!

This past Saturday, Leanna went to a cheer clinic that the highschool was putting on.  She was soo excited as she wants to be a cheerleader real bad!  Normally, she wants me to go with her, hang out for a little while and then leave.  This time, I walked in the door…paid her registration…she looked at me and said, “Bye Mom!  See you later this afternoon!”  I said, “Do you want me to go in the gym with you or will you be OK?”  She was smiling soo wide and said, “Nope!  I’m fine!  See you later!” and, off she disappeared. 

Olivia and I along with a friend of mine came back later that afternoon to see a brief show of what they had learned.  They had three different age groups and they were all very cute doing their cheers!  When it came time for Leanna’s group, I noticed that while she was enjoying this, she was also taking it very serious!  She did not miss any of the motions, did all the jumps correctly and loved doing the cheer/dance motions.  I was proud of her and excited for her.

Later that night, she thanked me for having the chance to go to the clinic.  I asked her if she enjoyed it and she could not stop smiling!  This Friday, Sept. 21, they will be having a pep-rally and Leanna has been invited to come and do the cheers that they learned with the cheerleaders.  She has also been invited to join the cheerleaders on Friday night at the football to do a couple of cheers down on the track in front of the stands.  Leanna cant wait!   She is soo excited!

Leanna has been upstairs, downstairs, in her room, in the garage, front yard, back yard, trampoline doing her chants and cheers.  While I am happy for her, all the chanting and cheering is getting a little annoying.  🙂  Of course, my mom would be all too happy to remind me that I did all that when I was her age too. 

It’s great to see your kids excited about something in their lives!  I truly am excited for her!  🙂  Now, if only she would take cleaning her room as seriously!  )

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