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Feeling Loss

Posted by ab39 on October 18, 2007

The past several weeks, I have had aquaintances and friends pass away.  It brings all those feelings of sadness, sorrow and grief. 

 This morning, one of my favorite people, Stan Hooper, passed away.  He has lived a great life full of excitement, and success.  He was a man that definetly had opinions and was not scared in sharing them.  He helped me out in the kitchen at church for several years.  He always showed me how I could do things better.  🙂  Then there were days when he would just show up in the kitchen to see what I was doing and to talk. 

The past couple of years have been hard for him.  His wife passed away, his son had a heartattack and passed away and his health has steadily declined. 

Thank you Stan for your kindness to me and my family.  I will always remember and cherish all the “talks” we had.  Thank you for your phone calls, your special visits in the church kitchen, for your advice that you gave to me regularly and for taking an interest in me and my family.  You were a little crazy and silly at times, but I loved you for it!  I truly am blessed for having had you in my life.  I can honestly say that I will miss you.

I’ll see you again!  )

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