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Me, Myself and I

Posted by ab39 on October 18, 2007

I think that I have a multiple personality disorder.  I’m serious.

Dont you think its weird that a person can go to bed as one person and wake up as a completely different one?

Here’s an example…I can wake up on Sunday morning and look like I just woke up.  30 minutes later I can have a completely new face.  And after a glass of Diet Dr. Pepper (which is my cup of coffee), I can have a whole new attitude.

Then, BAM!!!!  I am hollering at the top of my lungs to get moving…get dressed….pick up the pace….get in the suburban!

Then, we pull up in the church parking lot and are greeted with smiles and “good mornings” to which I promptly reply, with a beautiful smile on my face….”Good Morning to you, too!”

It is only 10a.m., and I already have morphed into three or four different “me’s”. 

In church this past Sunday, the preacher talked about the Holy Spirit.  Before Jesus ascended into heaven, after his resurrection, he told his disciples to spread the word to everybody, everywhere…..”go to the ends of the earth”.  He then told them not to worry, because he would send a comforter to help them out.  Then…Jesus was gone.

God did show himself again in the Holy Spirit.  The trinity is made up of God, The Father and the Holy Ghost.  It is pretty difficult to understand…God is the only God…but he has revealed himself through his son and the holy spirit…they are a trinity…a community of three…all wrapped up in one.  All of them real and all of them complimenting each other.

Do you get it?  That’s ok if you dont…Bobby doesnt get me and all my multiple personalities and I’m not sure that I get it either…..esp. when I am p.m.s’ing.  But, in the end…it’s still me.  And I think that Bobby takes comfort in the idea that if one of my annoying personality traits rears it’s ugly head…another mood is bound to emerge at any given moment.  It’s a good thing Bobby has stuck with me this long…he pretty much knows what to expect.

I dont really know what my multiple personality disorder has to do with the Holy Spirit.  But somehow hearing about the trinity in church made me think about me, myself and I.  Hopefully no matter what “me” is appearing before those around me….they will still be able to see the Lord through all of it.  🙂 

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