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Sibling Rivalry!

Posted by ab39 on October 18, 2007

The last few months have been rather frustrating and hard for me when it comes to dealing with all the rivalry that goes on in our house.  And I dont mean the rivalry between me and my brother and sister, but between my three girls!

I feel like I have tried absolutely everything for them to stop arguing and get along.  I have tried everything I can think of to get them to learn how to deal with conflict, disagreements, sharing…and much more.

I’ve forced them to be nice.

I’ve separated them from each other.

I’ve sent them and their arguing to the back yard.

I’ve sent them to their rooms.

I’ve threatned their lives.

The biggest problem lately has been yelling at each other when one or the other does not get their own way….or when one or the other infringes on each others “turf”.  It happens all the time, but the scene always looks pretty similar to this….

girls start arguing and yelling

mom waits to see if they will work it out

girls yell louder and louder

mom enters the room

“What’s going on here?” mom yells!

girls all start making their case at the same time

since nobody gets heard because everybody is talking, the yelling begins again….and then comes the tears and “it’s not fair!” line.

Mom feels exhausted with all of it and feels like it is hopeless!

The above pattern of events seems to be repeating itself a lot these days.  Even tho I have told them over and over again that they are family and that God gave them to each other, and that it is important to always watch out for each other and take up for each other….they just dont seem to get it.

Maybe I need to suggest to them that instead of thinking of each other as sisters….they should think of each other as friends.  I’m pretty sure they treat their friends with much more respect than they do to each other. 

I’ll let you know how this new plan of attack works out!  )

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