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Sometimes Love Means….

Posted by ab39 on October 19, 2007

The past several weeks have been more than busy.  Today is Friday and all I can think about is that tomorrow is Saturday and I dont have to get up early, get three girls up, fix lunches, get out the door on time, go to two different schools and get to work by 8:00 a.m.  I can actually take it a little easy in the morning….it’s Saturday!!!!  Thank God for Saturday’s!!!  )

As I look back on this week and all it’s craziness, I realize that even tho nothing has been voiced outloud to me…I have been loved on.  Sometimes Bobby shares his love with me in the little things….and those little things mean LOTS to me.  Little things like: putting gas in my car when I dont know about it, coming home on lunch to unload the dishwasher and then re-load it, taking the trash to the curb on Thursday mornings, patience when I am running behind, listening to me when I have a problem without necessarily trying to “fix”it, watching “chick flicks” with me, working hard to provide for us, bringing a stadium chair and blanket to the football game just in case I might want it. 

This week I got two special treats….I came home from work the other night and saw a total fall decor on my front porch.  Bobby had gone out and bought three bails of hay, two HUGE pots of mums, about 6 pumpkins and several different gords.  He placed them strategically on the porch and it looked awesome!  We truly have the BEST fall decorated house in the neighborhood!  I LOVED it!  Then, today I mentioned to him that I had a headache….he showed up 30 minutes later with Excederin and a Diet Dr. Pepper!  I LOVED it!

Thank you honey for all you do for me!  I appreciate it more than you will ever know!  )

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