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Three Girls!

Posted by ab39 on October 19, 2007

I have heard it said that God will not give you anything you can not handle. Did He really think I could handle three girls?  🙂

Olivia – she reminds me daily that she will soon be driving!  How can that be?  Is she really old enough for that?  Better yet….am I really old enough for that?  I have been letting her drive in our subdivision and she is doing ok…..just ok…..well, we seriously need to work on the break thing…..and maybe the whole steering thing…..and maybe turning corners tooo…..OH MY WORD!!!!  She is going to be driving soon!  Football season is almost over and she has really enjoyed the whole marching band thing.  I have totally LOVED watching her and have felt these proud mommy moments every Friday night for the past several months!  She is beautiful!  At least to me, and I’m the mommy so of course I think she is beautiful.  She does not think so…..but, I not only think so….I KNOW so!

Abby – oh my WORD!!! The girl is just funny!  She is doing great in school this year and even tho she is in the 8th grade and 13 years old, she is in no hurry to grow up!  GOOD FOR HER!!!  She does take some interest in her appearance, but comes home everyday and is outside playing with all the neighborhood children and loving it!  This is fine with me….I have a feeling that once highschool rolls around next fall, all this will change.  So, I will enjoy her silliness while I can.  🙂 

Leanna has been 20 years old since the day I brought her home from the hospital.  She came out of her room the other night with mascara, eye liner, eye shadow and lip gloss on!  She is 11 years old…..not 14, 15 or 16….just 11!  Her daddy looked at her and said, “Leanna, Halloween is still a couple of weeks away!”  Of course, this did not sit well with her.  Speaking of Halloween, she is going to be a Prom Queen this year.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how all this plays out.:)

There are definetly days and times when I think that I just can not do it…..keep up with all the drama and hormones that is living in our house.  But, then I know that if my mom could raise 3 girls….then so can I!  Thanks mom for the inspiration and for not giving up on me, Beth and Amber……and then came Peter……this is a whole other story all together!  🙂

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