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Oliv..ab..leee..umm…what’s your name?

Posted by ab39 on October 23, 2007

I used to consider myself reasonably smart….please note that I did not say I was intelligent….but, reasonably smart.  🙂  I spoke in complete sentences. I went to college.  I even could answer questions on Jeopardy….o.k…..I answered them only when it was Teen Week, but that counts for something.  Right?  🙂

Then I had kids.  No one told me what would happen to me once I had kids.  Now that I look back on it, the warning signs were there…but, I of course did not recognize them.  With each child….I kissed more of my brain power goodbye!  I now remember occasionally looking at my mom when she was talking to us and thinking to myself….”Has she lost her mind?” 

About a year after Bobby and I were married, I found out that I was pregnant.  True to the nature of God’s laws, I began to loose my marbles.

I suppose it is not so much the fact that I can barely answer any of the questions on Family Fued, let alone Jeopardy.  And it does not really bother me that I have forgotten to buy deoderant and toothpaste the last 15 times I have gone to the grocery store…even tho the last 12 times that I went were for this very reason.

What bothers me most about loosing brain cells is that I can not remember my children’s names.  It’s a curse!  It’s downright sad!

Yes, I do remember them right now.  That’s because they are not standing in front of me.  The problem only occurs when they are staning right in front of me.  This is when I have no idea what their names are…..yes….I know their names….but, I dont know which name belongs to which girl.  I always manage to call out either the whole name of someone else in my family or parts of different names morphed together to make it sound like I am trying to get it right. 

My poor, poor girls.  It’s amazing they even recognize their names at all since it’s always a mess I make when calling out.   I hope this does not put them in theraphy for the rest of their lives. 🙂  Or better yet….put me in theraphy for feeling the guilt of calling my girls…”Olivabbbanna”  🙂

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