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No Batteries Needed

Posted by ab39 on October 31, 2007

“Olivia has one.  Abby got one last year.  ALL my friends have one.  For Pete’s Sake!  Why cant anyone see that I need one!”  This is what my youngest daughter, Leanna, said to me recently. 

She wanted a bra.

Some mothers make a big deal about this occasion in a young girls life.  I know one mom who went out, picked one out, wrapped it up with a big bow on top.  Another friend wrote a lovely letter to her daughter about how this was a milestone…this was a step in becoming a woman….this was a moment to be cherished! 

Are you kidding?  Not me.  I tried to talk Leanna out of it explaining to her that why wear one if you dont have to.  But, she did not see my point of view.  It was clear to her that the time had come!  How could I let her go to middle school without one?  So,… to WalMart we went.

She picked one out.  It was the special “training” kind, AA (batteries not included).  It was amazing the confidence that she all of a sudden had….just because she was in training.  🙂 She tried it on as soon as we got home…she was ALL smiles!  Now, she was “IN”!   

“How does it feel?”  I asked her.  “It’s fine…feels good…thank you!”  Now, she can change for gym class, and feel confindent that she has “one” also.  Never mind that the cups look like empty pockets….she is “IN”!  🙂

On the way home, I tried to tell her all about Bra Etiquette.  You know….bra straps dont show…..dont wear a colored bra under a light colored shirt….and most of all,….dont stuff them with kleenex…..we can always buy padded bras if need be.  🙂  She just smiled at me knowing I was joking around with her.  I gave her a quick hug, and finally said it…..”Welcome to womanhood”.  She truly was glowing!

Oh the difference a little elastic can make in a girls life!  🙂

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