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Posted by ab39 on November 10, 2007

Yesterday while at work, my cell phone rang.  I grabbed it and answered and heard a voice on the other line that I did not recognize.  She began talking to me and introduced herself as Olivia’s english honors teacher at Blackman High School.  For a split second, I got worried and actually thought what Olivia had done to make the teacher call her parents. But, I was wrong.  She had only called to let me know that she really loved Olivia.  She than began to tell me that Olivia was one of 5 students out of 150 who turns her assignments in on time, follows all directions to a tee, always is on task, has a pleasant attitude and has not been late to class.  I was a little taken back by this…not because I dont know that Olivia is a great kid, but because the teachers usually only call when something is wrong.  She then told me that they have to read a chapter book every six weeks which has to be approved by her first.  After the six weeks is up, they have to write a detailed report and follow it with a poster board report.  She sends home an example to follow with directions on how to get it done.  She told me that Olivia was one out of 3 who actually followed all the directions to a tee and that she had  hung her report along with her poster on the board and has used it several times in other classes as an example of how to follow directions. 

I really was at a loss for words.  I know that ‘Livie is a good student, and I take for granted that she is getting her work done properly….I take it for granted by the report card she brings home.  But this time it was nice to hear someone call me up out of the blue and tell me that I have a good kid.

Soo, is it wrong to be proud of her?  NOPE!  I am proud of her.  She has a great heart and strives to do good in everything she does.  I thank the Lord for three wonderful and beautiful daughters.  They are huge blessings to me and I love them deeply!

Sooo to Olivia…..WAY TO GO and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!  Mom and Dad love you!  🙂

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