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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by ab39 on November 23, 2007


Have you had a great day?  We did!  Lots of great food, desserts, laughter and conversation with family.  We actually cooked here at our home this year and had some family over to share the day with.  It was lots of fun.  🙂 

I have sooo much to be grateful for this year.  Everything from my husband, girls, families, friends, health, home, dogs and much more.  But I can truly say that I am most grateful that I have learned soo much this past year in my  spiritual walk with God…..which affects my everyday walk with everyone around me.  I thank the Lord for learning the value of taking one day at a time…for learning not to get caught up in the “whoo-haa” of everyday life….for learning that God is in control of my life….for learning that I am valuable to God and that I am loved by God more than I will ever be able to comprehend….and, I am grateful and thankful for the desire to want to learn more about God and His word. 

Dear Lord,

Thank you for loving me and for making me your own.  Remind me how to walk in your paths….how to remain focused on You and how to love you more and more with each passing day!  Thank you for taking care of me and for putting up with all my insecureties. 

In your most precious and Holy Name,  -Amen!

To each one of you that is reading this….God Bless You and I hope that your holidays are filled with God’s presence!  😉

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