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Abby’s Bully

Posted by ab39 on December 3, 2007

 Embarrassed “Mom, I think I have a bully.  He just wont leave me alone and I am starting to get tired of it”  This is what our Abby said when she finally came to me and told me about a young man in several of her classes.  We talked about it for a few minutes, then she decided to let him know that he was not funny, he was upseting her and he needed to leave her alone.

A few days passed and I got a phone call from Abby.  She was at school and this boy had gone to far.  She called in tears and the “MOMMY” in me came out!  When I got Abby home, she then begin to tell her father and I how this boy was hurting her.  “Hurting YOU?”  Bobby and I both said.  She then began to explain to us how he would always punch her in the arm, was constantly pulling her hair, picking up her books and dropping them on the floor, pulling her book mark out of her reading books so that she would loose her space and pushing her when he would see her in the hallway.  BUT, what sent Abby over the edge was when she came into class and approach her seat, he would scoot his chair out and push her against her desk with his chair.  This would pin her in….the back of his chair either in her back or stomach….pushing the whole time……causing pain.  —–  This of course, sent Bobby over the edge and he was ready to go to school with Abby to meet this young man.

We talked to Abby for a few minutes about how we should handle this situation.  She asked if I would email her homeroom teacher about it….if this did not help, then she wanted us to come to school to speak with her teacher.  She ended it all with, “Mom, I feel terrible for ratting him out, and I think he thinks it is all a joke and funny…it’s just that I am tired of it.  But, I really dont think he is trying to be mean.”

The next day, I emailed Abby’s teacher and told her what Abby had shared with us.  The teacher was quick in responding to our email and said she would look into it.  A couple of hours passed and I heard back from the teacher who told us that this young man had been “talked” to.  The teacher said she believes this young man has a crush on Abby. She went on to explain to me that she thought this was his way of flirting with her.  Abby came home from school and told us that he had apologized to her and she thought things would get better.

Flirting with her?  Really?  Is this how 8th grade boys flirt? I guess so.  🙂  SOOO….Abby has had her first bully/crush/flirting boy of the year that got our attention.  Of course, Abby has had several young men who want her attention, but her daddy is not real fond of any of it!  To think of it….neither am I!  🙂

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