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Christmas Parade

Posted by ab39 on December 11, 2007


  We went to the Christmas Parade yesterday here in Murfreesboro.  What a fun time we had!  The main reason we went was to see Olivia.  The Blackman High Marching Band played in the parade and they did a great job!  The parade route was over 3 miles, and several of the highschools had their bands march.  It all would have been fine if we had not had unseasonable warm weather …. it was a balmy 76 degrees and there was humidity that was pretty thick!  We chose to sit up on the square, which was basically the end of the  parade route.  By the time the band got up there….the kids were exhausted!  With the heat and wearing those heavy band uniforms….their faces were all red, they were sweatty, and you could tell they were wore out!  BUT…..they did an awesome job!  It was sooo much fun to see Olivia and some of her friends playing Christmas music.  I was a proud momma!

Way to go Blackman Band!  Once again, you did an amazing job! 

Marching Band

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