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Posted by ab39 on December 18, 2007

 Elf   I look forward to the holidays, and I dread them at the same time.  Thanksgiving comes and goes and then it’s time to prepare for Christmas.  Next thing I know, it will be the New Year.  It all goes by sooo fast!  Cooking, shopping, entertaining, cleaning, organizing, going to Christmas parties, Christmas musicals, including all our spiritual and personal rituals (Christmas Eve Services, Christmas Nativity Scenes, Christmas Music at church, Band concerts, Christmas Parade, etc.) that all are a part of our lives.  I love all of it…except maybe for the cleaning 🙂 .  But, I do have to admit…even tho I absolutley love Christmas, there are moments in it when I feel absolutley exhausted.  Every year when I take my Christmas tree down along with all of the decorations around our house, I vow that the next year will be different and that I will not allow myself to become sooo frazzled and tired. I vow that I WILL enjoy the Holidays and not just endure them…to rejoice in them, not simply react to react them.

Have you been out Christmas shopping in the past couple of days?  Well, here in Murfreesboro, it is just CRAZY!  The traffic is literally bumper to bumper, stores are filled with shoulder to shoulder shoppers, every register is open, the parking lots are filled….and I mean FILLED.  Merchants dont want us to rest.  They even want to loan us money so they can charge us interest. 

I work in the hospitality industry….working with the public on a daily basis.  This has been somewhat of a new task for me….working with the public.  I have noticed that during the holidays, attitudes seem to be a little different.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years….all suppose to be a happy time of year.  But people are impatient, in a hurry and angry. 

The girls and I went to Target tonight to get just a couple of things and of course it was quite a task to complete.  As you can imagine, the store was packed with lots and lots of Christmas shoppers.  We got our two things, looked for the shortest line at a register, and started standing waiting for our turn to pay.  Along came a lady with her basket and got in line behind us.  As the minutes passed and we had only moved a couple of inches, the lady behind us started to speak rather loudly.  She said, “This is ridiculous!  I hate this!  I dont have time to stand here!  Why cant someone open a line for people who are paying by checks so that those of us who arent dont have to wait on them?  I hate this…..I hate all of this!” and the conversation….with herself….continued.  Leanna turned around and looked at this lady…..and kept looking….or maybe I should say that she was staring.  I finally looked at her and told her to quit staring.  She looked at me and said, “Mom, I feel sorry for her.  She must not have Jesus in her heart.  She totally does not have the Christmas spirit.”  Now, I dont know if she had Jesus in her heart or not, but Leanna was right….at that specific moment, she did not have any Christmas spirit.

The more I thought about that lady, the more I told myself that I hope I never act like her……grumpy, complaining and talking to myself in public.  🙂  The girls and I talked about this poor lady on our way home.  All three of my girls told me that they thought she had forgotten the “Reason For The Season!” and that is Jesus birthday!  Without Jesus being born, we would not have a reason to shop and give gifts to others, but most importantly… we would not have the promise of eternal life. 

Soo, thank you to the grumpy lady at Target for reminding me of the importance and value of what Christmas really means!  I really appreciate it!  🙂 And I hope she has a wonderful Christmas….wherever she is!  🙂

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