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Do I Tell Them?

Posted by ab39 on December 21, 2007

 If you see food in someone’s teeth, you have to ask yourself: do I tell them?  This happened to me today.  A co-worker had food in her teeth.  She talked and talked to me telling me this long involved story.  Now, I dont know her real well, and she would not stop talking and all I could do was stand there and try not to stare….and try not to laugh.  If I tell her about the green specks in her teeth, then I have to help her locate it….”No, over there…”  and then I get to stand there and watch them try to dig it out with their fingernails.  Then, when they dont get it…or get it out….I get to stand there and listen to them suck on their teeth like trying to suck the food out of the stuck spot.  YUCK!  🙂

But, then I have to stop and wonder about myself.  When I walk around with food in my teeth, and no one tells me, I get embarrassed.  How long have I been walking around like that?  Who all saw me with the crud stuck in the cracks of my pearly whites?  There’s really nothing worse than coming home from work, looking in the mirror after a long day and seeing your lunch in your teeth.  Kind of like seeing someone with toilette paper on the bottom of their shoe.  It always gets a big laugh.  Because it’s toilette paper. And that is funny.  It always gets a big laugh!  You stand there and watch the person walk around with it flying off the back of their shoe and then it finally falls off and the next person walks up and steps on it and the whole scenario starts over again.  You just stand there watching it transfer from one person to the next.  You laugh and laugh about it all the way home.  Until you are getting out of your car and notice that the entire drive home you have been dragging your dress out the car door and now it is black…..not soo funny anymore.  🙂 

Soo, the question is….do you tell someone when they have food in their teeth?  Definetly if they are close to you… about those who are aquaintances and those you are just speaking to?  Not soo sure!  What do you think? 🙂


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