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Over Use of Words

Posted by ab39 on December 24, 2007


Words…..everyone has words that they overuse.  Like those of us who use the word “like” ten times in a sentence.  You know what I mean?  Oh….that’s another one….”You know what I mean?”  And there’s “all”.  “I’m all….and they were all, and then all of them…”  I have a friend who says “Literally” all the time.  For instance, she will say, “I literally froze to death.”  or “I literally starved to death that day.”  She doesnt mean “Literally” literally, because she did not literally freeze to death or literally starved!  She just literally exaggerates.  🙂 

Then there are those of us who run out of steam while talking and say, “….etc.” or “yada, yada, yada!”  Here at work, a gentleman came up to the front desk and was asking for directions and then began telling me a story of how he got lost once.  At the end of a sentence he actually said, “….dot, dot, dot.”  He said this instead of etc., or yada, yada, yada.  I of course thought this was funny.  He actually said his punctuation at the end of his sentence.  That is like me saying to my husband, “Do you have the time, quesiton mark?”  or how about, “You look great, exclamation point!” 

When I was in college, a group of us started the use of a word to proclaim all our emotions.  The word was “Tree”.  Strange, I know…….but, after awhile…it really became part of  our vocabulary.  If we were frustrated, “TREE!!!!”  If we were excited, “TREE!” 

I am just as bad as anyone else when repeating the same word over and over and over,….you know what I mean?  🙂

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