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Socks on Vacation

Posted by ab39 on January 30, 2008

I have a small box in my bedroom that is full of socks….mis-matched socks.  I have come to the conclusion that sooner or later, every sock in my house will come to reside in this box.  I go thru the box once in a while looking for mates….but often with little result.  The thing is….I know I put them in the laundry, transfer to the dryer, and then on to the basket for folding.  But, always without fail they seem to disappear. 

Where are they going?  What has happened to them?  It really depends on who you are asking.  If I were to ask a person with a High IQ, I am sure they would say that it has something to do with the law of averages.  If I were to ask a person who loved the new age way of thinking, they would probably tell me all about karma.  While, other people would look at me and tell me that it’s just Murphy’s law….”Just the way things are.”

But, I am beginning to come up with my own theories.  Either I have a sock thief living in my house….or socks have a mind of their own, and they choose to go on vacation rather than stay with their sock-mate.  I think that the minute you set them free, socks trot off to all sorts of new and exoctic places.  For example, they go to visit all the dust bunnies under our couch, or they find residence in the garage while exploring all the exciting tools and equipment, or they sneak outside by the trampoline and soak up the sun (and rain, and dirt, and mud, etc). 

I have a friend that has all boys.  She decided they would all wear the SAME sock.  She went out and purchased all white tube socks with red stripes at the top that way when one gets lost, she can just replace it with another.  This sounds good in theory, but now she has 24 pair of white tube socks running around her house looking for the best place to vacation.

This is all crazy enough, until one day last week I was going thru my closet and found one tiny sock with a purple toe and purple heel.  ONE tiny sock….like a baby sock….now, I have not had any babies in my house for awhile now.  Where in the world did that sock come from?  hmmmm……the world may never know.  🙂 

Then there are the socks that get laid around the house in random places….the front door, the back door, the hallway, the bathroom, the bedroom and even the kitchen.  I casually pick them up with some tweezers and announce to all who live in the house with me, “Whose socks are these?”  I go down the line and look at each person for an answer.  In return, all I get is blank stares…and then they finally come to the conclusion that NO ONE wore them.  —— Clearly, these socks came from a tourist visiting other socks in our house who were on vacation.  🙂

The bad news is, there is nothing I can do to prevent socks from going MIA.  They obviously have minds of their own.  The good news is that just when I get totally sick of hunting them down, summer comes along and all my sock worries are laid to rest due to the fact that we all start wearing sandals…. at least for three months…..then the whole sock vacation starts over again.  🙂


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