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Why Do I Love You?….Let Me Count The Ways

Posted by ab39 on February 14, 2008

 It’s Valentines Day, and I truly have a wonderful valentine to share it with.  I had a crush on my husband before he ever knew I even existed.  My dad would get soooo frustrated with me when it came to my husband and sat me down one day.  He basically told me that I was going to college…and going away to college…he wanted me to work hard while there….meet lots of people….make lots of friends…..make memories…..make good grades and graduate…..BUT, DO NOT think about Bobby….AT ALL!!!  After you graduate and come back home, and your a little bit older and HOPEFULLY a little bit more wiser….and you still want to date Bobby….then, AND ONLY THEN, will we sit down and talk about it.  🙂  I will absolutley never forget that.  I came home four years later, saw Bobby at a birthday party and it’s nothing but history from there!  We have been married 17 years, and I truly am blessed for it.  Here’s just a few reasons why:

1.  He definetly is my best friend.

2.  He is a gift from God.

3.  He puts up with all my tears.

4.  He loves his three girls.

5.  He loves me.  🙂

6.  He is a wonderful father.

7.  He listens to me….when I really need him to.

8.  He loves me….without even thinking about it.

9.  He loves me….even without makeup.

10.  I can be myself with him.

11.  He can be irresistable.

12.  He makes me laugh!

13.  He makes up pre-tend words to songs that are just silly.

14.  I feel safe in his arms.

15.  He IS my better half.

16.  I love that he isnt perfect.

17.  If I ask for something, he always makes sure I get it.

18.  He loves my family.

19.  He loves his family.

20.  He loves his church.

21.  I love the way he hugs me tight every morning before he leaves for work.

22.  The way he stands beside me, and not in front of me.

23.  He makes sure I have everything I need.

24.  How he forgives me over and over.

25.  How he cleans up the kitchen for me.

26.  He does not mind going shopping with me.

27.  He watches chick-flicks with me.

28.  Absolutley…with out a doubt…an incredibly gifted carpenter!  He amazes me with the abilities and talents God has given him.

29.  Loyal to his friends.

30.  He may not be able to direct my wind…but he always knows when to adjust my sails. 

There is sooo much more, but for now….this will be a beginning place.  I will be adding to this list occasionally.  I am IN love! 

Happy Valentines Day to each and every one of you!  🙂


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