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Leanna Claire on Cleaning House

Posted by ab39 on February 20, 2008

Children Cleaning Their RoomsLeanna, who is my youngest….but, my youngest is 11 years old…was doing laundry and cleaning house last night when I got home from work.  She was folding laundry and ironing some shirts.  I was a little nervous at first, but she really did a great job…..ironing wrinkles out and NOT burning herself or the materials.  I was shocked!!!

Later in the evening, when dinner was over…I realized she was busy in the kitchen.  I walked in there to find her unloading the dishwasher….reloading the dishwasher….washing pots and pans and putting them away….and then she actually disenfected everything – countertops, sinks, stove top  –  wiped it all down, and TOOK THE DIRTY RAGS TO THE LAUNDRY ROOM!!!!!  The kitchen looked amazing and when I got up this morning, it was such a wonderful feeling to walk into a CLEAN kitchen.  🙂

Leanna, I dont know what got in to you….but, I am just thrilled! You did a fabulous job, and I am proud of you for taking the initiative to clean up!  THANK YOU, sweet girl! 


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