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What Kind Of Superhero Are You?

Posted by ab39 on March 3, 2008

Mind Reading
You are brilliant, insightful, and intuitive.
You understand people better than they would like to be understood.
Highly sensitive, you are good at putting together seemingly irrelevant details.
You figure out what’s going on before anyone knows that anything is going on!Why you would be a good superhero: You don’t care what people think, and you’d do whatever needed to be doneYour biggest problem as a superhero: Feeling even more isolated than you do now

I took the superhero quiz and found out that my superhero ability is mind reading.  —-  are you serious?  I think that’s funny.  What about you?  What kind of superhero are you? 



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Always Late

Posted by ab39 on March 3, 2008

I have a confession…I am perpetually running late.  I admit it! My husband hates being late….and I seem to always make him late. 

Definetly need to work on this…..prepare in advance a little better…..get up earlier…..get the girls moving faster…..

Is the impossible possible?  hhmmmm…….I’ll let you know.  🙂

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The Never Ending House Chore

Posted by ab39 on March 2, 2008

Laundry!  Piles and piles of laundry!  Never ending…always around…laundry!  It seems to grow….like a weed.  No one is watering it…I certainly have not put any fertilizer on it…I am not weeding it or cultivating it.  SO HOW DOES IT SEEM TO KEEP GROWING?

I mean…I wash and wash.  My mom taught me well….I make my piles….whites, colors, darks, towels, etc.  I wash them…take one night off to fold, iron and put away….then go to bed feeling much better about it….when I get up the next morning and it’s there again!  And not only is it there again….it seems as if this pile is larger, bigger and definetly has a mind of its own! 

It’s like Pinocchio’s nose when he gets caught lying….the more I wash…the bigger the pile grows!  Of course, my two dogs thank me.  They both go and lay on top of the piles of dirty clothes and take long, restful and peaceful naps. UGH!!!  Now that my girls are getting older, I think its time to teach them the joys of gathering up, separating the loads and washing….what a wondrful idea!  🙂 

I’ll let you know how it goes.

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Your FAT!

Posted by ab39 on March 2, 2008

  I went to visit my 93 year old grandmother on her birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I absolutley love her with my whole heart and find her to be an amazing woman.  Because of her age…her eye sight is a little dimmer and her hearing is just a wee bit off.  🙂  I walked into her home and told her I was there.  It went kind of like this:

Me:  “Hi Grandmother!”

Her:  silence

 Me:  “Grandmother….it’s me, April!”

Her:  “who?”

Me:  “April”

Her: “WHO?”


Her:  “OOHH!”

Me:  “Are you doing o.k.?”
Her:  “WHAT?”

Me:  “How are you?”

Her:  “I’m fine…who are you?”

Me:  “April…your grandaughter”

Her:  “Your FAT!!”

Me:  “Thanks… :)”

I laughed then, and it still makes me smile tonight.  I can actually remember when I was very, very skinny as a kid and on into college. 

Summer is just around the corner, and I am still carrying around all my holiday festivities!  🙂  You see…somewhere along the way, the wonderful metabolism I had laid off half of it’s workers and the other half went on strike….leaving my metabolism at a snail’s pace.  I did try getting my metabolism back by offering all those who are on strike better benefits…like better health plan, more vacation days and shorter work hours….but I dont think they were interested. 

Sooo…my grandmother is right.  🙂  Dont you hate it when you know they are right?  🙂  I guess I better go and get some celery sticks….or a treadmill…..or something!  🙂

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