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Your FAT!

Posted by ab39 on March 2, 2008

  I went to visit my 93 year old grandmother on her birthday a couple of weeks ago.  I absolutley love her with my whole heart and find her to be an amazing woman.  Because of her age…her eye sight is a little dimmer and her hearing is just a wee bit off.  🙂  I walked into her home and told her I was there.  It went kind of like this:

Me:  “Hi Grandmother!”

Her:  silence

 Me:  “Grandmother….it’s me, April!”

Her:  “who?”

Me:  “April”

Her: “WHO?”


Her:  “OOHH!”

Me:  “Are you doing o.k.?”
Her:  “WHAT?”

Me:  “How are you?”

Her:  “I’m fine…who are you?”

Me:  “April…your grandaughter”

Her:  “Your FAT!!”

Me:  “Thanks… :)”

I laughed then, and it still makes me smile tonight.  I can actually remember when I was very, very skinny as a kid and on into college. 

Summer is just around the corner, and I am still carrying around all my holiday festivities!  🙂  You see…somewhere along the way, the wonderful metabolism I had laid off half of it’s workers and the other half went on strike….leaving my metabolism at a snail’s pace.  I did try getting my metabolism back by offering all those who are on strike better benefits…like better health plan, more vacation days and shorter work hours….but I dont think they were interested. 

Sooo…my grandmother is right.  🙂  Dont you hate it when you know they are right?  🙂  I guess I better go and get some celery sticks….or a treadmill…..or something!  🙂


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