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Abby’s Broken Arm

Posted by ab39 on May 29, 2008

Abby broke her arm.

This is our first experience with a broken bone…..both Bobby and I have had broken bones before, but not our children.  When I went outside and saw Abby’s face, I knew immediatley she was hurt.  When I finally got her to show me her arm, there was no doubt about it being broken and off to the emergency room we went. 

To make a long story short….that was five weeks, one surgery, one E.R. visit and 4 doctor visits ago.  Abby has handled all of this amazingly and I have been proud of her.  She only has one week left to go and then she will be cast free!!!  She cant wait….and neither can I.  🙂


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Olivia’s Band Trip

Posted by ab39 on May 2, 2008

Arlington National Cemetery

Arlington National Cemetery  –  Cold and rainy all day long!


Korean Memorial

Korean Memorial

Olivia and Me in front of Abe Lincoln

Olivia & I at the Lincoln Memorial


Olivia at Busch Gardens on the Merry Go Round

         Olivia at Busch Gardens

Tulips everywhere while we were there.

The Tulips were beautiful!!!

Olivia and Hannah in front of the Washington Memorial

Olivia & Hannah in front of the Washington Monument




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Posted by ab39 on May 1, 2008

  Leanna’s a cheerleader!  A couple of weeks ago, she asked her dad and I if she could try out for cheerleading….to which we reluctantly said yes.  It’s not that we dont want her to have this opportunity…it’s just that she has not had any formal training at a gymnastics gym….and all teams require that now.  I was just afraid she would not make the team and then we would be scooping her up off the ground in tears.  BUT…we did agree to let her try…..and TRY she did!

I have to say that I am rather proud of her spirit of working hard and really “trying”!  The week of auditions, they had cheer camp every day after school where they learned a cheer, a chant, a dance routine and jumps.  Then, on Friday they had auditions.  Before the auditions began, they gave each girl a number and told them that later in the evening the roster would be posted on the school doors.

Bobby’s sister was in town visiting so we went over to his parents house to have a cookout and visit with her.  Leanna was pretty quite while we were there…..nervous about her auditions.  Around 7p.m. she asked me if I would drive her over to the school to see the posted roster.  All the way over to the school, she did not say one word…..and I was sitting there thinking about what I was going to say to her when she did not see her number posted.  I had it all planned out…..I would hug her…..tell her that there is always next year…..and then offer to take her to Sonic to get ice cream.  I thought it was a good plan.  🙂

When we arrived at the school, there was a young lady standing looking at the roster with her mom and she was crying….she obviously had not made the team.  I looked at Leanna and asked her if she wanted me to go with her to look at the list and she said that she wanted to go by herself.  She walked up to the door…..looked at the list…..turned around and looked at me with her mouth wide open.  I rolled my window down and asked her if she was o.k., and she said in shock, “I made it!”  I jumped out of the suburban, walked up to the door and asked Leanna, “What number are you?”……”Mom, I’m 11″…….”Oh My WORD….YOU MADE IT!!!!”  Needless to say, we both were excited and started jumping up and down! 

 Practices have already begun and she is loving every minute of it.  Her shoulders and arms have been hurting because she is one of the bases for the team pyramid.  This is all new for her so she has a lot to learn.  Cheer Camp is in July…..and she is looking forward to it. 

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