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Blondin 3 Ring Circus

Posted by ab39 on June 23, 2008

It’s is definetly a circus…or maybe I should rename it to my zoo!  My life, which I know is similar to every other mom’s in America, is fun but busy and at times crazy.  🙂

Olivia loves school and even tho she wanted a little break, she was sad to see school end. Towards the end of the school year, she told me that she thought she wanted to try-out for the color guard.  (the girls who wave the flags during the half time show at football games with the band)  She had a couple of friends who were going to try-out and they all thought it would be fun to do together.  Much to her amazement….she made the team….along with all her friends.  She was very excited!!!  She is still a part of the band, but during football season she will be in the color guard.  As soon as the season is over, she will be playing again.  Last years theme for the football band was Hughie Lewis songs.  This years theme is Michael Jacksons Thriller.  🙂  They should have a lot of fun with that.  🙂  She has practices every Monday and then she must practice at home.  She is loving it, and we are excited for her. She also is learning to drive.  I have been letting her drive in our neighborhood and to the gas station and back.  She can go get her learners permit now, but her dad and I are making her wait a little more. Right after school was out she flew to Arizona to visit with my mom and dad.  This was her first time to fly alone and I was worried.  But…she handled it all amazingly!!!  She enjoyed being “out west” for a couple of weeks and loves all the joking that her and my dad do together!!  Olivia loves to tease and pester……hhmmmm…..I wonder where she got that from?  🙂  Could it be my dad?  🙂  The world may never know!!  🙂 

Abigail broke her arm in early spring jumping off the trampoline.  She was dodging to miss a girl who had jumped off in front of her and when she hit the ground, she landed wrong and broke both bones in her arm.  She had some minor surgery and several different types of casts.  She finally got it off two weeks ago and is now in a brace.  She was THRILLED to get the cast off but brought it home to keep as a souvinier.  It’s kind of weird to walk into her room and see a cast sitting on her desk.  🙂  Other than her arm….she is doing great.  She went to Gasden, Alabama with her best friend to spend a week with her friends grandparents.  The grandparents have a swimming pool which Abby and Taylor spent the whole time in.  She came back brown, brown, brown!  She has her daddy’s skin….not mine.  🙂 She was looking forward to going to soccer camp and trying-out for the junior varsity team at the highschool, but because of her arm she would not be able to pass her physical that she would need for sports teams.  She was sooo disappointed about that.  I want her to pick her music back up but she seems to frown at that.  I cant believe she will be in highschool…..she just seems too young to be going into highschool.  My babies are growing up!!! She just had her 14th birthday and invited several friends over for a sleep over.  They did facials, and hand theraphy then stayed up all night talking, laughing and giggling. 

Leanna loves being involved with gymnastics.  She looks forward to Tuesday nights when she goes to Elite Gymnastics and learns techniques for her tumbling.  It’s good to see her really enjoying this. She comes home and does all her flips on the trampoline…..she’s getting pretty good.  🙂  She seems to get sunburned sooo easily with the fair complexion she has.  We always slather 50 and 70 sunscreen on her, but she still gets sun….especially on her face.  Neutrogena has come out with a sunscreen that has Helioplex in it, so we are trying that.  It seems to help a little better, but not around her eyes.  We are going to take a little time in July and go spend some time on the water.  I always worry about what the sun is doing to her fair, fair skin.  Both Abby and Leanna are always on the move….which I love.  They dont sit for long….they are outside riding their bikes, walking the neighborhood or jumping on the trampoline….or when inside, they are playing dance pad, sing star…etc.  I like seeing them active.  Of course, right now the big thing is Disney’s Camp Rock….a movie that premiered last week on the Disney Channel.  It comes on every night and I think all three girls have seen it at least twice….maybe more. 

Bobby is doing good.  After being layed off in December from his construction job, we went without work for a little while.  I work at the DoubleTree Hotel and they started rennovations on sleeping rooms.  Because of this, they hired Bobby to come in and do some odds and ends work.  During this whole process, the Chief Engineer of the hotel quit and the General Manager offered Bobby the job.  We were both hesitant to take the job because the pay was a HUGE drop in income for us.  But, after a couple of weeks we realized that having a job with a steady paycheck was better than not having a paycheck at all.  The economy is really hurting the housing industry right now and there just is not any construction work being done around the Murfreesboro area.  So for now, Bobby is working here with me at the DoubleTree Hotel as the Chief Engineer.  It’s been kind of strange to have us both working at the same place.  It may not seem like much, but he really has a BIG job.  Keeping this building with a restuarant, 170 sleeping rooms, ballroom and meeting space, along with an indoor – outdoor pool maintained and running smoothly is at times very hectic.  Right now he is learning the ins and outs of elevator maintenance.  Other than learning a new job, he is still golfing on a regular basis and fishes anytime he gets the chance. 

I am fine.  Trying to balance my home life with my work life is a daily struggle for me.  It really is not easy and I am constantly asking God for guidance.  Bobby and I are taking a week off in July…using our vacation time…and I am really looking forward to it!!!  I am excited to have some days where I do not have to dress up and I can just relax!!!  🙂 

I think that cathes you up!!  We love all of you and look forward to hearing back from you!  🙂  Enjoy your summer!  🙂


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Rx: Smiling

Posted by ab39 on June 14, 2008

   “A glad heart makes a happy face;

a broken heart crushes the spirit”

Proverbs 15:13

A smile in your heart means a smile on your face.  I can remember my dad saying that when you hear someone who is whistling, humming or singing on a regular basis…they are happy….they have a song in their heart.  I love that!

But, how can we smile when we are having such a hard time?  With three girls in our home….2 teenagers and 1 pre-teen…..we have a lot of emotions.  Its amazing to me how one minute they can be singing and talking on their cell phones and the next they are sulking, pouting and not talking.  This basically comes from the fact that they ARE girls and are growing up!  Lots and Lots of hormones to deal with.  🙂

But then there is guilt.  Guilt does not know any songs.  It is very hard to crack a smile when we are dealing with guilt.  Guilt has a way of making us feel soo ashamed over sinful behavior that we dare not even look to Jesus because we know he wont be smiling back at us over the sin that has been committed.  Guilt is God’s way of getting our attention but once we ask for forgiveness, guilt is the devil’s way of making us feel worse.  Once God forgives us…he remembers it no more.  This is hard for me to fathom, but the Bible makes it clear that He not only forgives us but never brings the sin up again.  WOW!!!  So, the sin and guilt that we keep hanging on to is the devils way of making us loose our focus…..and when we loose our focus, we quit looking to Jesus for our healing.  God offers forgiveness that mends our memories, and he smiles when he hears our whispered “sorrys” and turns them into joy. 

That’s some pretty amazing medicine God has for us!  FORGIVENESS!!!!  This medicine is always available thru prayer.  It cures the guilt so we can move on to share his medicine with others and then leaves us with a song in our heart!!!  🙂

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