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Rx: Smiling

Posted by ab39 on June 14, 2008

   “A glad heart makes a happy face;

a broken heart crushes the spirit”

Proverbs 15:13

A smile in your heart means a smile on your face.  I can remember my dad saying that when you hear someone who is whistling, humming or singing on a regular basis…they are happy….they have a song in their heart.  I love that!

But, how can we smile when we are having such a hard time?  With three girls in our home….2 teenagers and 1 pre-teen…..we have a lot of emotions.  Its amazing to me how one minute they can be singing and talking on their cell phones and the next they are sulking, pouting and not talking.  This basically comes from the fact that they ARE girls and are growing up!  Lots and Lots of hormones to deal with.  🙂

But then there is guilt.  Guilt does not know any songs.  It is very hard to crack a smile when we are dealing with guilt.  Guilt has a way of making us feel soo ashamed over sinful behavior that we dare not even look to Jesus because we know he wont be smiling back at us over the sin that has been committed.  Guilt is God’s way of getting our attention but once we ask for forgiveness, guilt is the devil’s way of making us feel worse.  Once God forgives us…he remembers it no more.  This is hard for me to fathom, but the Bible makes it clear that He not only forgives us but never brings the sin up again.  WOW!!!  So, the sin and guilt that we keep hanging on to is the devils way of making us loose our focus…..and when we loose our focus, we quit looking to Jesus for our healing.  God offers forgiveness that mends our memories, and he smiles when he hears our whispered “sorrys” and turns them into joy. 

That’s some pretty amazing medicine God has for us!  FORGIVENESS!!!!  This medicine is always available thru prayer.  It cures the guilt so we can move on to share his medicine with others and then leaves us with a song in our heart!!!  🙂


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