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Christine L.

Posted by ab39 on March 26, 2009

When I accepted the Human Resource position where I work, I was worried that I would not be able to seperate some of my feelings and emotions when it comes to the employees.  And…..this has absolutley been true for me.  I have a little over 80 employees right now, and I take a personal interest in each one of them.  Right now….my heart is heavy and burdened for one in paticular.

Her name is Christine, and she is one of our amazing housekeepers here at the hotel.  Christine is 58 years old and works hard to clean rooms to keep our guests satisfied with their stay.  I see her just about every day and every day I joke around with her.  She has told me on numerous occasions that her stomach hurts and we talk about it.  After much encouragment from not only myself but many others, Christine finally took herself to the doctor.  To make a long story short……she has been told she has cancer and has three weeks left to live. 

My heart is broken.  I am worried about her and just can not believe this is happening.  Will you pray with me about Christine’s comfort?  She has a large amount of discomfort….especially when she is taking deep breaths. 

Thank you….and I will keep you posted.


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