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“Fitting In”

Posted by ab39 on March 26, 2009

It’s not easy to take an unpopular stand.  It’s even more difficult when you must do it alone… thats why for most of us we love the safety that comes with being in numbers.  I know as a parent, I am constantly reminding my three girls that they must stick with the group when they are going to the mall.  I tell them that because I know there is safety in numbers……and easier to be lost when alone……plus it makes me feel better knowing they are in a group.  🙂

Sometimes at work or in school, we are afraid to express ourselves because we are afraid of what the others will think.  I know I am guilty of this…..I dont always speak up because I am afraid of what someone else might think.  Even something as simple as choosing how we would like to dress can becoem painfully difficult as we struggle with the fear of ridicule and other negative attitudes from the people around us.  As a result, rather than suffer the pain of rejection, we bury our true selves and play along…….then we become lost. 

The desire to “Fit In” is normal, and to some degree healthy.  But when we are concerned about what others think, we not only injure ourselves, we loose who we truly are…..that we are one of a kind….we are unique…..we are God’s chosen creation. 

Along with myself, my three girls struggle with this…..especially my oldest.  Boy-oh-boy is it hard being a teenage girl.  I look back on my teen years, and I would not want to go back for anything.  She is struggling with choices right now that have to do with people she wants to know and people she should not get to know.  It has shocked me at how mean girls are……..they say mean things, act out in mean ways and “act” like they dont give a care about who they hurt in the process.

I have been reminding her that she is one of a kind….she is God’s creation….she is unique and that her uniqueness is her greatest strength.  I have reminded her that she knows what it feels like to be left out… have been left out for the “cool” group.  I have reminded her to remember “others” feelings when making decisions, but more importantly to remember that God is in control and He is wanting to hear from her about her frustrations and heart breaks.

This whole situation with her has reminded me that God wants to hear from me also.  When I am feeling alone, unsure and worried…..I need to give it all to God instead of figuring out who I can call on the phone to listen to all my worries. 

Thank you God, for being in control of not only my life, but the life of my three beautiful daughters!!!  Keep them safe and sound and help me to always be an encouragment to them.  —Amen


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