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About Me!

Who am I?  I used to question that myself.  I am a 42 year old woman who still cant believe she is actually in her 40’s.  I absolutley love spring and fall time with all the beautiful colors, but dont like to be real hot and definetly do not deal with cold very well.  I love to sing with the radio, watch Criminal Minds, and read books.  I have a hard time passing up any kind of potatoes (potatoe salad, french fries, baked, mashed, etc.), 3 Musketeers, White Chocolate, and any kind of sales/clearance racks.  I enjoy going to Beth Moore conferences and also enjoy serving others.  I love being a woman so that I can paint my toe nails, finger nails, curl my hair on occasion and wear jewelry.

I have a tender heart and can be too naive at times.  I have definetly been discovering myself these past couple of years and just learning to laugh at my strengths and laugh at my flaws.  I am full of head knowledge about my God and am learning how to apply it to my heart and my daily walk.  I am by no means perfect and mess up all the time, but I have learned that God’s love is immeasurable and that by my salvation thru faith, He has forgiven me and always gives me new beginnings. 

I am a mom of three beautiful daughters, married for 19 years, the daughter of two incredible people, a sister, aunt, cousin, neice, and much more on crazy days.  I love being a Christian, and I strive to learn more about my God on a daily basis. 


6 Responses to “About Me!”

  1. Rebekah said

    You forgot to say that you are an aunt 🙂 Love ya!

  2. Emily said

    Tell Tinesha to stop calling about baked potatoes!
    I kid I kid!
    I LOVE YOU and you make me want to press on those really bad days:)

  3. Aunt Paulette said

    This is just to say “Hello” and tell you that we love all of you.
    Hope you are not having high levels of pain on a regular basis, April!

  4. Jackie said

    Hi April. Hope all is well with you. Things are wild and crazy in B’ham. I am supposed to be sitting in a rocking chair because I am almost 65, but that’s not happening yet and I hope it never does, even tho some days the rocking chair sounds like a good idea for a few minutes anyway.

    Love, Aunt Jackie

  5. Aunt Mary Webber said

    April dear, Known you all your life — love you — just like you are!!!! and love your girls….Bobby, to….don’t see you all near enough!!!! webbha…..

  6. Aunt Mary Webber said

    Still love you. Appreciated the card for Thanksgiving! ……..

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