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New Years Resolutions?

Posted by ab39 on January 15, 2008

It’s now January, 2008……2007 gone….over….history…..ugh!  It all goes by soo fast for me now.

Soo, it’s a new year.  A new beginning.  A time for hope, inspiration, motivation……yeah, right!  Who am I kidding?  🙂

2007 started like any other year for us.  The basic array of resolutions we thought about….did you get that?  We “thought” about them.  I have to admit that I am not too good at the “resolve” part of resolutions.  I guess for me….I better call them wishes. 

I admit whole heartedly that 2007 was a rough year for me.  Looking back, I can definetly say that it was full of ups and downs……similar to a roller coaster ride. I’m glad it’s over.  🙂

Here it is mid-January, and I just now am thinking about what lies ahead of me in this new year.  This is what I have figured out:  I dont know.  🙂  I dont know what lies ahead of me….but this I do know…..God is in control of my life, and one lesson I have learned this past year was about his unchanging and unfailing love towards me.  SOOO  –  I guess I can say that for 2008, I will take one day at a time….one minute at a time…..and remind myself constantly how valuable I am to God.  Yes, there will still be ups and downs, but with God’s help and with God’s grace, I will handle them with much more “God Dignity” this time. 


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Merry Christmas

Posted by ab39 on December 24, 2007

Thank you Jesus for sharing your

birthday with us! 

Merry Christmas to us all!


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Over Use of Words

Posted by ab39 on December 24, 2007


Words…..everyone has words that they overuse.  Like those of us who use the word “like” ten times in a sentence.  You know what I mean?  Oh….that’s another one….”You know what I mean?”  And there’s “all”.  “I’m all….and they were all, and then all of them…”  I have a friend who says “Literally” all the time.  For instance, she will say, “I literally froze to death.”  or “I literally starved to death that day.”  She doesnt mean “Literally” literally, because she did not literally freeze to death or literally starved!  She just literally exaggerates.  🙂 

Then there are those of us who run out of steam while talking and say, “….etc.” or “yada, yada, yada!”  Here at work, a gentleman came up to the front desk and was asking for directions and then began telling me a story of how he got lost once.  At the end of a sentence he actually said, “….dot, dot, dot.”  He said this instead of etc., or yada, yada, yada.  I of course thought this was funny.  He actually said his punctuation at the end of his sentence.  That is like me saying to my husband, “Do you have the time, quesiton mark?”  or how about, “You look great, exclamation point!” 

When I was in college, a group of us started the use of a word to proclaim all our emotions.  The word was “Tree”.  Strange, I know…….but, after awhile…it really became part of  our vocabulary.  If we were frustrated, “TREE!!!!”  If we were excited, “TREE!” 

I am just as bad as anyone else when repeating the same word over and over and over,….you know what I mean?  🙂

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Stressed is Dessert Spelled Backwards

Posted by ab39 on December 21, 2007

 Have you ever been soo busy, tired and stressed at the same time that it felt like your brain was going to melt and drip out of your nose?

Surprisingly, I am keeping my responsibilities and duties in check.  My normal daily brain function is what’s suffering as a result of the busyness, tiredness and stress-ed-ness.  You know what I mean?  Like, I walk around the house looking for my keys, and they are in my hand.  Or, I cant find my purse, and it is hanging off my shoulder.  OR…I say something to Bobby and then a minute later I say the same thing again.  He gives me a crazy, strange look.  I stop myself and ask him, “Did I just tell you that?”  And, he just nods as he starts laughing.  🙂

I need to start exercising.  They tell me it will give me more energy and will help me feel better.  But, I am stuck in this horrible cycle of not having the time and energy to exercise  so I can have more energy and feel better.  What do you do with that?  🙂

I really need to get my act together.  If my girls call you up because I dropped them off at the bus station instead of school, just do me the favor of picking them up and taking them to school for me.  🙂  Then, give me a call and let me know not to go back to the bus station to look for them when I realize what I have done.  🙂 

It’s just all crazy!  But….a good crazy!  Just have to laugh at myself!!!  🙂

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Do I Tell Them?

Posted by ab39 on December 21, 2007

 If you see food in someone’s teeth, you have to ask yourself: do I tell them?  This happened to me today.  A co-worker had food in her teeth.  She talked and talked to me telling me this long involved story.  Now, I dont know her real well, and she would not stop talking and all I could do was stand there and try not to stare….and try not to laugh.  If I tell her about the green specks in her teeth, then I have to help her locate it….”No, over there…”  and then I get to stand there and watch them try to dig it out with their fingernails.  Then, when they dont get it…or get it out….I get to stand there and listen to them suck on their teeth like trying to suck the food out of the stuck spot.  YUCK!  🙂

But, then I have to stop and wonder about myself.  When I walk around with food in my teeth, and no one tells me, I get embarrassed.  How long have I been walking around like that?  Who all saw me with the crud stuck in the cracks of my pearly whites?  There’s really nothing worse than coming home from work, looking in the mirror after a long day and seeing your lunch in your teeth.  Kind of like seeing someone with toilette paper on the bottom of their shoe.  It always gets a big laugh.  Because it’s toilette paper. And that is funny.  It always gets a big laugh!  You stand there and watch the person walk around with it flying off the back of their shoe and then it finally falls off and the next person walks up and steps on it and the whole scenario starts over again.  You just stand there watching it transfer from one person to the next.  You laugh and laugh about it all the way home.  Until you are getting out of your car and notice that the entire drive home you have been dragging your dress out the car door and now it is black…..not soo funny anymore.  🙂 

Soo, the question is….do you tell someone when they have food in their teeth?  Definetly if they are close to you… about those who are aquaintances and those you are just speaking to?  Not soo sure!  What do you think? 🙂


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Just Getting Started!!!

Posted by ab39 on December 21, 2007

  Yes….We are just getting started!  Today is Friday….Christmas is on Tuesday…..and we have not even bought for our girls yet.  BUT, we do have a plan!  🙂  Bobby and I sat up last night and went thru the girls Christmas wish lists and decided what we were going to get.  I made a list of each store and what we were getting in that store.  We are going shopping tonight and tomorrow and going to try and get it all done!  Neither one of us are big shoppers, but I actually am looking forward to getting our girls their Christmas, but not looking forward to traffic and long lines.  Hopefully by tomorrow night (Saturday), we will be all done and sitting down to wrap!  🙂  WISH US LUCK!  🙂

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Posted by ab39 on December 18, 2007

 Elf   I look forward to the holidays, and I dread them at the same time.  Thanksgiving comes and goes and then it’s time to prepare for Christmas.  Next thing I know, it will be the New Year.  It all goes by sooo fast!  Cooking, shopping, entertaining, cleaning, organizing, going to Christmas parties, Christmas musicals, including all our spiritual and personal rituals (Christmas Eve Services, Christmas Nativity Scenes, Christmas Music at church, Band concerts, Christmas Parade, etc.) that all are a part of our lives.  I love all of it…except maybe for the cleaning 🙂 .  But, I do have to admit…even tho I absolutley love Christmas, there are moments in it when I feel absolutley exhausted.  Every year when I take my Christmas tree down along with all of the decorations around our house, I vow that the next year will be different and that I will not allow myself to become sooo frazzled and tired. I vow that I WILL enjoy the Holidays and not just endure them…to rejoice in them, not simply react to react them.

Have you been out Christmas shopping in the past couple of days?  Well, here in Murfreesboro, it is just CRAZY!  The traffic is literally bumper to bumper, stores are filled with shoulder to shoulder shoppers, every register is open, the parking lots are filled….and I mean FILLED.  Merchants dont want us to rest.  They even want to loan us money so they can charge us interest. 

I work in the hospitality industry….working with the public on a daily basis.  This has been somewhat of a new task for me….working with the public.  I have noticed that during the holidays, attitudes seem to be a little different.  Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years….all suppose to be a happy time of year.  But people are impatient, in a hurry and angry. 

The girls and I went to Target tonight to get just a couple of things and of course it was quite a task to complete.  As you can imagine, the store was packed with lots and lots of Christmas shoppers.  We got our two things, looked for the shortest line at a register, and started standing waiting for our turn to pay.  Along came a lady with her basket and got in line behind us.  As the minutes passed and we had only moved a couple of inches, the lady behind us started to speak rather loudly.  She said, “This is ridiculous!  I hate this!  I dont have time to stand here!  Why cant someone open a line for people who are paying by checks so that those of us who arent dont have to wait on them?  I hate this…..I hate all of this!” and the conversation….with herself….continued.  Leanna turned around and looked at this lady…..and kept looking….or maybe I should say that she was staring.  I finally looked at her and told her to quit staring.  She looked at me and said, “Mom, I feel sorry for her.  She must not have Jesus in her heart.  She totally does not have the Christmas spirit.”  Now, I dont know if she had Jesus in her heart or not, but Leanna was right….at that specific moment, she did not have any Christmas spirit.

The more I thought about that lady, the more I told myself that I hope I never act like her……grumpy, complaining and talking to myself in public.  🙂  The girls and I talked about this poor lady on our way home.  All three of my girls told me that they thought she had forgotten the “Reason For The Season!” and that is Jesus birthday!  Without Jesus being born, we would not have a reason to shop and give gifts to others, but most importantly… we would not have the promise of eternal life. 

Soo, thank you to the grumpy lady at Target for reminding me of the importance and value of what Christmas really means!  I really appreciate it!  🙂 And I hope she has a wonderful Christmas….wherever she is!  🙂

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Feeling Lonely

Posted by ab39 on December 11, 2007

 Best Friends 1 I’ve been feeling lonely lately.  Bobby and I have made some hard changes in our life this year….and as I have stated before….we have more changes that we know of still ahead of us.  With one of those changes, life became drastically different for me….for us.  You see, several of my closest friends have left my life this year.  I think they would say that they havent left….that I am the one who left….but, for me personally, it is not the same and it has been very hard on my heart.  Bobby and I both had not realized how much of our social life revolved around our church….which is not a bad thing….but, when you make a decision to visit around and look around…..we all of a sudden did not have that social life anymore.  I have been praying for a long time for God to bring some new Godly women into my heart and life.  We as women are such social beings – we need that close, intimate socialization and friendship.  We need other women in our lives to hang out with, to talk with, and to rely on.  Right now, I dont have that.

PLEASE dont get me wrong – yes, I still have friends.  I have friends at work, at churches and several around town.  Yet my heart desires a few “best” buds.  Those who you can laugh and be silly with – those who are there for you and your family when you need them – those who you just “click” with.  They can see you at your best, and see you at your worst….and not be judgemental….love you no matter what.

I have always been blessed to have very precious people in my life.  I still have them.  The thing is, that because of God moving us in a different direction right now…..those people are not around.

I have been praying about this for quite awhile.  And I am not asking for anyone to feel sorry for me.  Absolutley NOT!  Deep friendships can not be forced – they will take time and God will bring those dear friends into my life at His timing (which is always perfect!) and in His way.  Yet, I think that it needs to be okay for women to say “I’m Lonely!” without feeling like a reject.  It is not always a reflection on you – sometimes it is just circumstances that have taken intimate friends out of your life.  And it is okay to desire close friends in your life.  You dont have to act needy or desperate to acknowledge that you need that in your life.

I have realized and figured out that God is teaching me valuable and hard lessons right now…Relying on Him is definetly something He is making clear to me.  But, I do miss certain things….I miss having women that I can count on.  I miss having a girldfriend call me up or check in on me.  I miss being able to laugh and be all silly with someone else. I miss having families over to hang out with my family.  I miss it all….plain and simple!

I seem to have been a friend for the most part that has been there for others when they have needed me.  I love being that kind of friend – dont get me wrong.  My heart has always wanted to be that kind of friend for others.  But now – I just really desire an equal friendship with a few other women.  Women who inspire me in the Lord and who I can inspire.  Women who love their husbands and are trying their best to raise their children in the admonition of the Lord.  Women who can come to my home and not to be “entertained”.  Women who dont already have best friends so that they dont have room (or time) for me or my family.  Women who remember me….when a cookout happens, a movie comes out, shopping is calling….or anything else.  Just to be remembered!  Women who dont mind how far away their house is across town from mine.  Women who respect the differences in our personalities and character – so that neither one of us has to judge the other – but can enjoy one another.  Women to cry with, laugh with, be sick with, and be embarrassed with. 

For whatever reasons – God is walking me through this time in my life without a best friend – or two – or three!  🙂

SOOO, I will wait on the Lord….and I will trust in Him and His plans.  But I also want to be honest.  And for today – I just want to acknowledge that I need some best friends in my life.  It would sure be great if God chose to send them to me soon… 🙂

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Christmas Parade

Posted by ab39 on December 11, 2007


  We went to the Christmas Parade yesterday here in Murfreesboro.  What a fun time we had!  The main reason we went was to see Olivia.  The Blackman High Marching Band played in the parade and they did a great job!  The parade route was over 3 miles, and several of the highschools had their bands march.  It all would have been fine if we had not had unseasonable warm weather …. it was a balmy 76 degrees and there was humidity that was pretty thick!  We chose to sit up on the square, which was basically the end of the  parade route.  By the time the band got up there….the kids were exhausted!  With the heat and wearing those heavy band uniforms….their faces were all red, they were sweatty, and you could tell they were wore out!  BUT…..they did an awesome job!  It was sooo much fun to see Olivia and some of her friends playing Christmas music.  I was a proud momma!

Way to go Blackman Band!  Once again, you did an amazing job! 

Marching Band

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Marriage Is Hard Work!

Posted by ab39 on December 8, 2007

 On The Cheek


Marriage is hard work!  The past year has brought many changes for my husband and I.  It has been interesting to see and realize how much my husband loves me and has stood up for me.  We have been married 16 years, and I remember during the first years of our marriage it was anything but wonderful.  We had a lot of differences between us, and I worked hard at trying to change him…trying to make him what I thought he should be.  A lot of men and women struggle with the differences they see in their partners.  Just because I prefer to do something one way, and my husband prefers to do it another way – does not make one of us right and one of us wrong.  It simply showcases our differences.  This is an area in our marriage when we were first married where I definetly messed up and took to an extreme.  We, as women, are bad for trying to change our husbands.  I know that we fuss at them, and insist on them doing things our way.  We can be soo hard on our spouses.

I have been learning something along the way.  If I try and mold him into the ideal of what I think he should be, then he would cease to exist.  My husband has soo many qualities and characteristics that are good for me.  He complements my style, my personality and oftentimes is the exact thing that is needed to make me stop and listen to common sense.  I cant tell you how many times he has bravely or lovingly voiced his thoughts that were contrary to my own.  And I NEEDED to hear them…whether I wanted to or not. 

It has occured to me that I am very grateful that my hubby is different than me.  It can be uncomfortable and frustrating at times, but it is only up to each one of us to individually make the choice to change.  Once I stopped nagging and trying to change him, and started focusing more on myself and my actions, things seemed to be calmer between us and in our home.  We will only answer to God for the things we have done…not the things that our husband has done.  Redirecting my focus off of him and onto what I need to be doing took a load off of our marriage. 

SOOO, let each other be who they are.  Pray for each other and love each other despite their flaws.  Listen to what each other has to say – for the other person may truly know what they are talking about.  After all, no one knows you better than the one you live with!  Be free to be whom God created you to be whether or not your spouse agrees with all of your thoughts, actions, or “particulars”.  I have learned that I value my spouse a lot more by having them be “them” instead of just another copy of “me”. 

I sure do love my hubby….I am IN LOVE with him.  He is wonderful to me and takes care of me.  I am blessed to know him and to be a part of his heart.  I guess you could say that I am definetly one lucky girl!  🙂

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Abby’s Bully

Posted by ab39 on December 3, 2007

 Embarrassed “Mom, I think I have a bully.  He just wont leave me alone and I am starting to get tired of it”  This is what our Abby said when she finally came to me and told me about a young man in several of her classes.  We talked about it for a few minutes, then she decided to let him know that he was not funny, he was upseting her and he needed to leave her alone.

A few days passed and I got a phone call from Abby.  She was at school and this boy had gone to far.  She called in tears and the “MOMMY” in me came out!  When I got Abby home, she then begin to tell her father and I how this boy was hurting her.  “Hurting YOU?”  Bobby and I both said.  She then began to explain to us how he would always punch her in the arm, was constantly pulling her hair, picking up her books and dropping them on the floor, pulling her book mark out of her reading books so that she would loose her space and pushing her when he would see her in the hallway.  BUT, what sent Abby over the edge was when she came into class and approach her seat, he would scoot his chair out and push her against her desk with his chair.  This would pin her in….the back of his chair either in her back or stomach….pushing the whole time……causing pain.  —–  This of course, sent Bobby over the edge and he was ready to go to school with Abby to meet this young man.

We talked to Abby for a few minutes about how we should handle this situation.  She asked if I would email her homeroom teacher about it….if this did not help, then she wanted us to come to school to speak with her teacher.  She ended it all with, “Mom, I feel terrible for ratting him out, and I think he thinks it is all a joke and funny…it’s just that I am tired of it.  But, I really dont think he is trying to be mean.”

The next day, I emailed Abby’s teacher and told her what Abby had shared with us.  The teacher was quick in responding to our email and said she would look into it.  A couple of hours passed and I heard back from the teacher who told us that this young man had been “talked” to.  The teacher said she believes this young man has a crush on Abby. She went on to explain to me that she thought this was his way of flirting with her.  Abby came home from school and told us that he had apologized to her and she thought things would get better.

Flirting with her?  Really?  Is this how 8th grade boys flirt? I guess so.  🙂  SOOO….Abby has had her first bully/crush/flirting boy of the year that got our attention.  Of course, Abby has had several young men who want her attention, but her daddy is not real fond of any of it!  To think of it….neither am I!  🙂

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Mom’s doing great!

Posted by ab39 on November 29, 2007

  Isnt the heart an amazing thing? 

My mom has been feeling poorly so she finally went to the doctor.  After a stress test, they came back and told her that the bottom portion of her heart was not working very well.  She went in today, Thursday, for surgery.  The doctors came out and told my dad that she was doing great and that it was not as bad as originally thought.  They are going to send her home with meds. to help clear out her arteries.

WOW!  It is absolutley amazing how they can know how to help her….how they know what is wrong….and that after surgery today, she can already go home to recooperate.  I am sooo grateful to God for the good news.

Thank you Lord for answered prayers!     

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by ab39 on November 23, 2007


Have you had a great day?  We did!  Lots of great food, desserts, laughter and conversation with family.  We actually cooked here at our home this year and had some family over to share the day with.  It was lots of fun.  🙂 

I have sooo much to be grateful for this year.  Everything from my husband, girls, families, friends, health, home, dogs and much more.  But I can truly say that I am most grateful that I have learned soo much this past year in my  spiritual walk with God…..which affects my everyday walk with everyone around me.  I thank the Lord for learning the value of taking one day at a time…for learning not to get caught up in the “whoo-haa” of everyday life….for learning that God is in control of my life….for learning that I am valuable to God and that I am loved by God more than I will ever be able to comprehend….and, I am grateful and thankful for the desire to want to learn more about God and His word. 

Dear Lord,

Thank you for loving me and for making me your own.  Remind me how to walk in your paths….how to remain focused on You and how to love you more and more with each passing day!  Thank you for taking care of me and for putting up with all my insecureties. 

In your most precious and Holy Name,  -Amen!

To each one of you that is reading this….God Bless You and I hope that your holidays are filled with God’s presence!  😉

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Posted by ab39 on November 10, 2007

Yesterday while at work, my cell phone rang.  I grabbed it and answered and heard a voice on the other line that I did not recognize.  She began talking to me and introduced herself as Olivia’s english honors teacher at Blackman High School.  For a split second, I got worried and actually thought what Olivia had done to make the teacher call her parents. But, I was wrong.  She had only called to let me know that she really loved Olivia.  She than began to tell me that Olivia was one of 5 students out of 150 who turns her assignments in on time, follows all directions to a tee, always is on task, has a pleasant attitude and has not been late to class.  I was a little taken back by this…not because I dont know that Olivia is a great kid, but because the teachers usually only call when something is wrong.  She then told me that they have to read a chapter book every six weeks which has to be approved by her first.  After the six weeks is up, they have to write a detailed report and follow it with a poster board report.  She sends home an example to follow with directions on how to get it done.  She told me that Olivia was one out of 3 who actually followed all the directions to a tee and that she had  hung her report along with her poster on the board and has used it several times in other classes as an example of how to follow directions. 

I really was at a loss for words.  I know that ‘Livie is a good student, and I take for granted that she is getting her work done properly….I take it for granted by the report card she brings home.  But this time it was nice to hear someone call me up out of the blue and tell me that I have a good kid.

Soo, is it wrong to be proud of her?  NOPE!  I am proud of her.  She has a great heart and strives to do good in everything she does.  I thank the Lord for three wonderful and beautiful daughters.  They are huge blessings to me and I love them deeply!

Sooo to Olivia…..WAY TO GO and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!  Mom and Dad love you!  🙂

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I’m My Own Worst Enemy

Posted by ab39 on November 9, 2007

I have figured out that I really am my own worst enemy.  I realize that I have set a high standard for myself as a mom, wife, daughter and friend.  Not that having a high standard is a bad thing, but when the standard is soo high that you cant possibly reach it, it becomes self-defeating.  For me personally, this comes from trying to live up to everyone else’s standards, and comparing myself to others.  Because I have fallen into this mind-set, not really realizing I was doing it, I began to think that I was not living right, dressing right, or even raising my kids right if I couldnt get it all done….and what would people think?  God has been showing me over the past year that I am an individual.  God has given me my own personality, lifestyle, gifts, and my own set of circumstances. 

For example:

Who says that you have to do your devotionals first thing in the morning?  I have found that doing my devotions and reading is easier in the evenings after everyone is in bed.

Who says that you have to cook your family dinner every night?  I have always fixed a big meal every night with everyone gathered around the table to eat.  Now, I am down to about 4 nights a week and have figured out that the rest of the time I can serve soup, sandwiches, salads, etc. and my family will not go hungry.

Why does my house have to look like it has just stepped out of a magazine?  As long as my girls feel comfortable and safe while they are growing up, and they keep inviting their friends over…..well, isnt “picked up’d” good enough?

Why did I think that I had to volunteer for every activity that my girls were (and are) involved with?  I definetly got stressed from doing too much with all the different activities.  I can go attend and support them by my presence instead of being in charge of something that can affect me and the happiness of my home by the way I am acting because I am doing too much.

And what about all the stuff that our kids bring home as fund raisers and beg us to help them sell  so they can go to the pizza party at the end?  After all this time, I am starting to get a little weary of it and have always felt guilt for not trying to get everyone I know to buy something when none of us actually need it or really dont even have the extra money for it.  Maybe I should try to buy one thing from each one of them, and let them know that our money is budgeted and maybe eventually they will understand the concept of having a little extra at the end of the month.

Who said that you have to look happy and pulled together all the time?  Sometimes life stinks!  It’s ok to acknowledge that I am not perfect, that I mess up….a lot….and I dont feel well or I am going thru a tough time, but I am doing the best I can.

I have learned that many of us women have this image of what we consider the perfect wife and mother should be.  But what happens on a day to day basis, which is called reality, does not always measure up to that image.  And so when it doesnt, we practically break our backs trying to make it measure up to the way we think things should be.  I have realized that its ok to be different….it’s ok to live my life that fits my family instead and not be afraid to do things differently. 

So for today, I will let go of my unreachable expectations that I have placed upon myself.  I will strive to “roll with it” a little more and try to sort out where my priorities lie.  God should always be the first priority and once I get that in line….everything else will fall in place.

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Nose Piercing, Homeless Men & Eye Liner

Posted by ab39 on November 5, 2007

This evening, Olivia (my 14, soon to be 15 yr. old) went with me to the grocery store.  We decided to make this weekly grocery trip to WalMart and I was anxious to get there and get back home.  While driving there, we came to a red light and noticed that a homeless man was laying in the grass on the side of the road taking a nap.  He was very grungy looking, and had nothing with him but a piece of cardboard – which he was using as a pillow.  Olivia noticed him first and pointed him out to me and asked me why he was sleeping so close to the road.  I told her I didn’t know why…and we drove on to the store.

Once we got into WalMart, we had a plan.  We had already made out our grocery list, so I gave her several items to go find and we split up….hoping to make this trip go by a little quicker than usual.  She found all the items I had asked her for…plus 1 more!  With a big smile on her face, she looked at me and said, “Mom,….as you know I will be 15 in just a couple of months.  This means I am growing up a little more. Right?”  I looked at her grinning, mischievious face and agreed that she was growing up.  She continued with “Well, several of my friends at school have told me that if I were to wear a little eye liner, it would bring out my eyes more and pull the makeup all together on my face.”  –  I looked at her strangely and said, “Pull the makeup together?  What does that mean?”  She replied with an exasperated tone, “MMOOMM, it just means it would look good on me. And, so while I was passing the make up aisle, I stopped and looked at the eye liner and found this one.  🙂  Can I get it?”  After looking it over and discussing other options, I finally gave in and told her she could get the eye liner.  She was very happy and gave me a hug and we continued on our grocery shopping quest in WalMart.

We finally got it all in the basket and headed for the cashier.  I did not pay attention to the young girl who was scanning our items, but apparently Olivia was.  Towards the end of our bagging and loading back into the cart, Olivia whispers in my ear, “Mom, look at the girl.  She is soo cute.”  I looked up at her and sure enough, she was very cute.  She was an african american girl, not much older than 18.  She was just cute as could be and had a beautiful smile to her.  She just seemed like she was genuinely nice.  This is what I saw in her….Olivia saw something different.  I told Olivia that she was right, and the young lady was cute.  As we were leaving the store, Olivia looks at me and says, “Didnt she look good with it?”  Now, mind you….I on occasion can read my children’s minds, but tonight I was just way too tired for it.  I looked back at Livie and said, “Are you talking about the cashier or am I missing something?”  —  “Yes, mom….the cashier.  Her nose piercing was small and really nice on her.  Can I get my nose pierced?”  This definetly took me off guard and I just looked at her.  Livie’s eyes were just sparkling and her smile was huge….she already knew what I was going to say, but she just had to ask it.  We talked about it all the way out to the car and while we were loading bags.  We both agreed that she was not to get one right now….or any time soon….or maybe never….and she better be ready to deal with her dad if she ever does.  🙂  She thought this was hilarious and laughed and laughed….mainly because she knew she had gotten me in a tither about it all!

Back on the road, heading home….there he was again.  The homeless man. Except this time, he was standing on the side of the road and he looked pitiful.  He had rolled one of his pant legs up and the whole side of his leg was raw….bleeding and infected.  It looked as if someone had tried to bandage it, but the bandage was full of blood and it was obvious that it was infected.  He was filthy….his face was covered in dirt and even tho he was standing there with his sign asking for money, he was staring off into space.  It truly was heartbreaking for both Olivia and I to see. Olivia looks at me and says, “Mom, would you ever let me go homeless?  Wouldnt you always make sure that would never happen to me?”  This was a harder question for me to answer.  I hesitated for a moment, and then tried to answer her question the best way I knew how. 

WOW!  Within 90 minutes, Olivia had asked me three questions about homeless people, eye liner and nose piercing!  I was not prepared to hear any of them and I’m not sure I answered any of them correctly.  But for now, I’m glad she was with me tonight and that we got to spend time together and that she felt like she could ask and say those things to me. 

There have been a lot of things going on in my life since this past spring.  We have made some changes in our lives that have affected each one of us here in the Blondin household…and I am not sure this is going to slow down quite yet.  God has taught me some large lessons over the past several months.  He has pointed one thing after another to me that has made me take a long, hard look at my heart and my attitude.  One thing I have always had is head knowledge about God, now I am learning heart knowlede. There is power in my continual conversation (or prayer) with God.  No matter how large or how small my concerns or questions are, He wants to hear about it.  God reminded me of that again tonight as Olivia and I passed the homeless man.  We both agreed that we should pray for him to find some help with his leg and that he would be safe and warm over the next few months.  Soo…we did.  Our prayers were not long and full of adjectives….nope…just short and sweet….but, I know God knew exactly what we were requesting. 

Soo, my encouragement for you today is just this….talk to God.  He wants to hear from us.  He loves us more than we could ever imagine.  Ask him questions….whether they are large questions, or small ones….He loves to hear it.  Quit finding answers thru yourself, or others…..let Him give you answers.  You might find it awkward to have a conversation with God…which is praying…but the more you do it, the easier it gets and the more you want to do it!  Keep your focus looking UP! And remember to pray….He would love to hear from you!  🙂

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No Batteries Needed

Posted by ab39 on October 31, 2007

“Olivia has one.  Abby got one last year.  ALL my friends have one.  For Pete’s Sake!  Why cant anyone see that I need one!”  This is what my youngest daughter, Leanna, said to me recently. 

She wanted a bra.

Some mothers make a big deal about this occasion in a young girls life.  I know one mom who went out, picked one out, wrapped it up with a big bow on top.  Another friend wrote a lovely letter to her daughter about how this was a milestone…this was a step in becoming a woman….this was a moment to be cherished! 

Are you kidding?  Not me.  I tried to talk Leanna out of it explaining to her that why wear one if you dont have to.  But, she did not see my point of view.  It was clear to her that the time had come!  How could I let her go to middle school without one?  So,… to WalMart we went.

She picked one out.  It was the special “training” kind, AA (batteries not included).  It was amazing the confidence that she all of a sudden had….just because she was in training.  🙂 She tried it on as soon as we got home…she was ALL smiles!  Now, she was “IN”!   

“How does it feel?”  I asked her.  “It’s fine…feels good…thank you!”  Now, she can change for gym class, and feel confindent that she has “one” also.  Never mind that the cups look like empty pockets….she is “IN”!  🙂

On the way home, I tried to tell her all about Bra Etiquette.  You know….bra straps dont show…..dont wear a colored bra under a light colored shirt….and most of all,….dont stuff them with kleenex…..we can always buy padded bras if need be.  🙂  She just smiled at me knowing I was joking around with her.  I gave her a quick hug, and finally said it…..”Welcome to womanhood”.  She truly was glowing!

Oh the difference a little elastic can make in a girls life!  🙂

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Oliv..ab..leee..umm…what’s your name?

Posted by ab39 on October 23, 2007

I used to consider myself reasonably smart….please note that I did not say I was intelligent….but, reasonably smart.  🙂  I spoke in complete sentences. I went to college.  I even could answer questions on Jeopardy….o.k…..I answered them only when it was Teen Week, but that counts for something.  Right?  🙂

Then I had kids.  No one told me what would happen to me once I had kids.  Now that I look back on it, the warning signs were there…but, I of course did not recognize them.  With each child….I kissed more of my brain power goodbye!  I now remember occasionally looking at my mom when she was talking to us and thinking to myself….”Has she lost her mind?” 

About a year after Bobby and I were married, I found out that I was pregnant.  True to the nature of God’s laws, I began to loose my marbles.

I suppose it is not so much the fact that I can barely answer any of the questions on Family Fued, let alone Jeopardy.  And it does not really bother me that I have forgotten to buy deoderant and toothpaste the last 15 times I have gone to the grocery store…even tho the last 12 times that I went were for this very reason.

What bothers me most about loosing brain cells is that I can not remember my children’s names.  It’s a curse!  It’s downright sad!

Yes, I do remember them right now.  That’s because they are not standing in front of me.  The problem only occurs when they are staning right in front of me.  This is when I have no idea what their names are…..yes….I know their names….but, I dont know which name belongs to which girl.  I always manage to call out either the whole name of someone else in my family or parts of different names morphed together to make it sound like I am trying to get it right. 

My poor, poor girls.  It’s amazing they even recognize their names at all since it’s always a mess I make when calling out.   I hope this does not put them in theraphy for the rest of their lives. 🙂  Or better yet….put me in theraphy for feeling the guilt of calling my girls…”Olivabbbanna”  🙂

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Three Girls!

Posted by ab39 on October 19, 2007

I have heard it said that God will not give you anything you can not handle. Did He really think I could handle three girls?  🙂

Olivia – she reminds me daily that she will soon be driving!  How can that be?  Is she really old enough for that?  Better yet….am I really old enough for that?  I have been letting her drive in our subdivision and she is doing ok…..just ok…..well, we seriously need to work on the break thing…..and maybe the whole steering thing…..and maybe turning corners tooo…..OH MY WORD!!!!  She is going to be driving soon!  Football season is almost over and she has really enjoyed the whole marching band thing.  I have totally LOVED watching her and have felt these proud mommy moments every Friday night for the past several months!  She is beautiful!  At least to me, and I’m the mommy so of course I think she is beautiful.  She does not think so…..but, I not only think so….I KNOW so!

Abby – oh my WORD!!! The girl is just funny!  She is doing great in school this year and even tho she is in the 8th grade and 13 years old, she is in no hurry to grow up!  GOOD FOR HER!!!  She does take some interest in her appearance, but comes home everyday and is outside playing with all the neighborhood children and loving it!  This is fine with me….I have a feeling that once highschool rolls around next fall, all this will change.  So, I will enjoy her silliness while I can.  🙂 

Leanna has been 20 years old since the day I brought her home from the hospital.  She came out of her room the other night with mascara, eye liner, eye shadow and lip gloss on!  She is 11 years old…..not 14, 15 or 16….just 11!  Her daddy looked at her and said, “Leanna, Halloween is still a couple of weeks away!”  Of course, this did not sit well with her.  Speaking of Halloween, she is going to be a Prom Queen this year.  I’ll be sure to keep you posted on how all this plays out.:)

There are definetly days and times when I think that I just can not do it…..keep up with all the drama and hormones that is living in our house.  But, then I know that if my mom could raise 3 girls….then so can I!  Thanks mom for the inspiration and for not giving up on me, Beth and Amber……and then came Peter……this is a whole other story all together!  🙂

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Sometimes Love Means….

Posted by ab39 on October 19, 2007

The past several weeks have been more than busy.  Today is Friday and all I can think about is that tomorrow is Saturday and I dont have to get up early, get three girls up, fix lunches, get out the door on time, go to two different schools and get to work by 8:00 a.m.  I can actually take it a little easy in the morning….it’s Saturday!!!!  Thank God for Saturday’s!!!  )

As I look back on this week and all it’s craziness, I realize that even tho nothing has been voiced outloud to me…I have been loved on.  Sometimes Bobby shares his love with me in the little things….and those little things mean LOTS to me.  Little things like: putting gas in my car when I dont know about it, coming home on lunch to unload the dishwasher and then re-load it, taking the trash to the curb on Thursday mornings, patience when I am running behind, listening to me when I have a problem without necessarily trying to “fix”it, watching “chick flicks” with me, working hard to provide for us, bringing a stadium chair and blanket to the football game just in case I might want it. 

This week I got two special treats….I came home from work the other night and saw a total fall decor on my front porch.  Bobby had gone out and bought three bails of hay, two HUGE pots of mums, about 6 pumpkins and several different gords.  He placed them strategically on the porch and it looked awesome!  We truly have the BEST fall decorated house in the neighborhood!  I LOVED it!  Then, today I mentioned to him that I had a headache….he showed up 30 minutes later with Excederin and a Diet Dr. Pepper!  I LOVED it!

Thank you honey for all you do for me!  I appreciate it more than you will ever know!  )

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